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Mamaearth (Teas and Hair Mask) #UsednLoved

Mamaearth is a known brand for its range of quality products in mother care and baby care. I have so many products from this brand that I am pretty sure anyone walking into my place can tell about my favorite brand in a jiffy. Here is a little background about the brand though I am sure many of you already…

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himalaya foot care cream
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#himalayaFootcarecream A thorough Cleaning of the house and Diwali are like best friends. As much as I enjoy Diwali, I dreaded the whole house cleaning saga till the time I was with my parents. As I stay in nuclear set up now, this Diwali I adorn the hat of a cleaning inspector in my house. Due to dust and water,…

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And This Made Me Chuckle…

Terrace and me….. I was disheartened and felt like punching the hell out of the person who made me this sad. While I sat on the terrace, sobbing and cursing, I forgot to keep a check on the watch. It was late in the night and I heard a terrace door open, the sound of the gate gave me goosebumps.…

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Brain “A Powerhouse of Thoughts”….Train It Wisely! #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

  “The brain not only receives information but interprets and patterns it” I found the above-mentioned definition of the pattern (verb) after a google search. First time when I heard this prompt the idea stuck to me to write about the human brain. After reading a bit about the connection between brain and pattern, I realized that although machines nowadays…

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baby plating with a bucket
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Let Them Fall And Learn…

Ever heard of over protective mothers?  No? Are you sure you aren’t one? I am guilty of being over protective many a times and recently realized this, once I visited my mom’s place. Along with motherhood comes this motherly instinct to keep our little munchkins safe from anything and everything. Newborns are meant to be taken care of and should…

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