baby plating with a bucket
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Let Them Fall And Learn…

Ever heard of over protective mothers?  No? Are you sure you aren’t one? I am guilty of being over protective many a times and recently realized this, once I visited my mom’s place. Along with motherhood comes this motherly instinct to keep our little munchkins safe from anything and everything. Newborns are meant to be taken care of and should…

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An open letter to Delhi….

Oh, Delhi! There is so much to tell, so much to write…..   Some say you are too loud, I agree, after all, to run away from our inner demons we need something that loud that can bring us back to be human again… Some say you are getting too crowded, I agree, after all, you are a dream or…

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Book Review

An Island Where Magic Unfolds….

I heard someone whispering… “Shhhh… let’s go outside and talk, humans are sleeping” said one book to another. I was pretending to sleep; I knew always in my heart that real magic lies within these pages. I woke up and saw outside the window, it was magical beyond words can explain. So this is it, this is what granddad told…

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