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Let Them Fall And Learn…

Ever heard of over protective mothers?  No? Are you sure you aren’t one?

I am guilty of being over protective many a times and recently realized this, once I visited my mom’s place. Along with motherhood comes this motherly instinct to keep our little munchkins safe from anything and everything.

Newborns are meant to be taken care of and should be watched round-the-clock. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying once they step into toddler-hood we should stop keeping an eye on them. We need to understand that, they won’t learn to walk until they fall. I am going to describe a couple of situations and my reaction in that moment let me know if you can relate to it:

Baby “V” and her Mom:

1)      Baby V started walking in her wobbling steps and I was on cloud nine. Being a social butterfly (learned this term pretty recently from a dear friend) I wanted to share it on social media. I picked up my phone and started making a video, as I switched on the phone, baby V started to wobble and I wanted to catch her before she touched the ground. I tried to be a James Bond and wanted to catch her, however, I missed the table right in front of me. I toppled over and cursed that table. I looked up and saw my munchkin happily walking towards me and smiling.

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8 thoughts on “Let Them Fall And Learn…

  1. Indeed it is only when they learn to fall they learn to pick themselves up and get on and get ahead. I’m glad you have such a practical approach to mothering because you really have a long long way to go . And as a sensible mother, all that you can really do is watch over them and guide them, not spoon feed them all the way. Enjoy this wonderful journey ….and wishing you and your little one every joy.

  2. Ha ha loved your post .. Mainly because I can so much relate to it 🙂 .. I think I would come in the category of over protective but I make conscious efforts to not behave like an over protective parent. As I want my kid to learn how to handle ‘as your say falling and getting up’. Lovely post and thanks for sharing. Now I know there are others like me.

    Neha ( Sharing Our Experiences)

  3. Agree! Parents today a little over-protective and over-possessive. No wonder kids are growing with lesser immunity and strength to bear the pain. It should be like our parents did- they’ll learn when they’ll fall. We should let our children be!

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