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Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo # Product Review

What’s in the name?

This is a brand, by a parent, for the parent. It is a brand which develops products from world class research and attempts to solve every little problem that we as parents face. With the aim of making products which are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free, meet stringent international standards & are basically ultra-awesome, MamaEarth was born.

Why do I like it?

I tried three shampoos before I found out about this brand called Mamaearth brand through a random Facebook post and thank god I did. When it comes to our babies, we try to find the best of best products for them. We research or look for reviews about it for like thousand times on the internet before we place an order.

My little one loves to take bath, however, the moment I apply shampoo on her hair she would start crying or start rubbing her eyes. I tried those baby shampoos on my face (Mom thing or mom test of baby product…LOL). All three made my eyes itch and I got to know the reason of my baby being uncomfortable.  I am a mom of a beautiful daughter and have lots of plans to make all kinds of hairstyle with her hair and most important thing in this plan is the right nourishment. Shampoo for our hair is somewhat like a food for our body, better the food better the result.

I did my fair share of research on the internet and found a lot of happy mommas praising this brand. I placed an order by keeping my fingers crossed. After a couple of days, it reached my doorstep and I got super excited and nervous at the same moment. I tried it on her hair the very next day and Voila! She was giggling and happy in her bathtub with not even a hint of being uncomfortable. I did a little happy dance there 🙂

My Recommendation:

An absolute must buy shampoo for your little one. For all the finicky internet researcher moms like me, there is a list of ingredient used in their products printed on each bottle. It is chemical free and does not make my baby’s hair dry. It is certified toxin free.  This product is easily available on Amazon and To buy it please click here.

Happy shopping and happy parenting mommas!

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