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Let Them Fall And Learn…

Ever heard of over protective mothers?  No? Are you sure you aren’t one? I am guilty of being over protective many a times and recently realized this, once I visited my mom’s place. Along with motherhood comes this motherly instinct to keep our little munchkins safe from anything and everything. Newborns are meant to be taken care of and should…

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An open letter to Delhi….

Oh, Delhi! There is so much to tell, so much to write…..   Some say you are too loud, I agree, after all, to run away from our inner demons we need something that loud that can bring us back to be human again… Some say you are getting too crowded, I agree, after all, you are a dream or…

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DOTTEDi Review

As the Rakshabandhan is approaching we all are busy in looking for just the right gift for our brothers and sisters. I am an elder sister and I am always on the lookout for something interesting to gift my brother. While looking for something different from usual gifts I came through this superb site and loved the quirky and…

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Little one’s first trip with mommy!

The Lucky one! I am one of those blessed people who have friends to die for. We had been rescheduling this all girls trip together for a long time and it was about time to bring the plan into action. We decided that the place should be nearby and travel time shouldn’t be long as a toddler would be traveling…

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