My List of Gifts for “The Man Of The House”

A man and a woman

A man and a woman

Birthday of “The man of the house” is around the corner and I have been wracking my brain to find few good options for gifts. It is so easy to find a gift for women because we love everything, from jewelry to dresses and from flowers to teddy (not me, but I know many girls who do love these gifts).

When it comes to men we are left with either the expensive gadgets which I can’t afford or useless gift items which I know he would never use. Like a tie, yup, he hates tie or at least that’s what I think because I don’t remember him wearing one since forever.

So, this year I am making a list of things or gift items I think he might like. Feel free to pour in your suggestions in the comment section below to add anything you might want to add to the list:

Officially Declare Weekend as a “No Bathing Days” in the house

By now most of you know this “The man of the house” is not very fond of taking a bath on weekends, especially winters. Thank god for weekdays and office hours that he want to bath like a normal human being. Of course, I am saving water an important natural resource is a perfect line to be accepted as an excuse for this.

A Fancy Shower

My man is overly fond of showers. He simply denies stepping into a bathroom which doesn’t have a shower and at times doesn’t shy away from inventing one with all the pipes and bottle caps he can find at home. I am not kidding, he actually made one when he couldn’t find a shower in the bathroom. Man of many talents I guess.

A bed with all the pleasantness

Who wouldn’t want that, I can’t blame him. A bed that has a plug for a charger, space to keep your food items, an attached screen which magically pops out when you press a button and a soundproof earplug would be a perfect gift item, only if I could afford it. I have a feeling that it will be a better place than heaven.

A C.D of exquisite songs like (Dil Chahta Hai or Tu Hi Meri Shab hai subah hai…)

So, a close friend can vouch for this incident. Man of the house had been scolded by a nearby neighbor Aunty for singing the songs too loud with his eyes closed. Must have been an epic scene I swear. So, a C.D. with all his favorites should do just fine and I will add a couple of peppy numbers like Dhinchak Pooja songs, just to make it a gift straight from the heart.

A confession, I too love listening to Dil Chahta hai music, apparently, C.D. wouldn’t be a bad idea minus the peppy number. I don’t know but I have a hunch that I am going to killed by a six-foot man today when he is back from office. Nevertheless, I love this man from all the atoms, nerves and blood in my body.

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11 thoughts on “My List of Gifts for “The Man Of The House”

  1. Lol….I appreciate your efforts in this matter….I just went with shirts year after year for many years. I once gifted him a mouth organ (Gawddd….what was I thinking). But this year again, it was a shirt with a matching tie :-p

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